arfarf-LAB IV

Video ’Äì Hypermedia
Workshop by Gunnar Friel
BAU Escola Superior de Disseny Barcelona
13. - 24. june 2011

participants: Sofia Ortun Alves, Eudald Sala Diaz,
Mˆ‚riam Canela Bruguˆ©s, Mar Gonzalez Garcia,
Irene Serrano Robredo, Maria Bolaˆ±os Triguero,
Nora Gonzˆ°lez Samˆ„n, Eloi Rodriguez Franquesa,
Irene Farrˆ© Marquez, Maria Josˆ© Angulo Valdearenas,
Miquel Rodriguez Estany, Mar Font Ferrando,
Ariadna Mira Pagˆ©s, Andrˆ©s Rami Bastante

thanks to: Christian Giribets,
Anna Uroz, Jaume Pujagut

a project of
BAU Escola Superior de Disseny Barcelona
and the Fachhochschule Duesseldorf
supported by the European Union
and the European ERASMUS program

Port Zones:
22@ Barcelona / Medienhafen Dusseldorf

Two significant areas for the change of
former industrial zones into cultural ones
and the reconstruction of whole suburbs.
Groups of students worked on different
investigative itinaries using photography,
video and the internet.

The result are different maps where the
individual itinaries can be seen.
Whereas in Barcelona the investigation was
directly in the area, the students worked
in the Dusseldorf port just with the help
of the digital media in the web.

A special group was responsable for the
website and the animated logos for
each of the cities.